Company Introduction

Company introduction

Shanghai neoskyline exhibit &display  Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition service production company, which integrates the main venue construction, exhibition hall production, booth construction and conference activity planning. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the factory is located in 12 workshops, No. 1015, Pingzhuang East Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai. Ms. Li Yuming, the legal representative, once worked for the world's top American exhibition company Skyline China as an executive, Shanghai neoskyline exhibit &display  Co., Ltd focuses on environmental protection equipment that meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be reused, as well as personalized stand customization, dynamic light box, stage design and production

In the past decade, we have helped our customers to participate in more than 100 trade and consumer professional exhibitions every year, covering electronics, semiconductor, medicine, hotel, chemical industry, aviation, automobile, agriculture, pop culture and many other fields. Through one-to-one face-to-face communication with customers, and relying on a variety of technological means led by science and technology, we have an excellent service team with advanced awareness, innovation and efficiency, and established a complete and thorough process system and quality control system. And has its own trademark patent. We have our own service team all over the world. It provides personalized customized services for professionals and consumers from all walks of life.


The exhibitions we attended include: Munich electronic exhibition, China (Shanghai) international semiconductor exhibition, international general aviation exhibition, China auto parts exhibition, the first and second Shanghai International Fair, Shanghai New Energy Exhibition, Shenzhen Jiuzhou auto parts exhibition, North America Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), North America video and integration Exhibition (ISA), New Zealand National Exhibition .

Our customers are all over the world,We have been working hard! Looking forward to cooperating with you!


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